Essential Oil is worthy of praise in terms of functional maintenance as well as relaxing and soothing.

The Essence Of Essential Oils:

It can prevent infectious diseases, fight bacteria, viruses, molds, prevent inflammation, prevent spasm, and promote cell metabolism and cell regeneration. Certain essential oils can regulate endocrine organs, promote hormonal secretion, and allow the body’s physical and psychological activities to develop well.

After the natural aroma enters the brain through the olfactory nerve, it can stimulate the front lobe of the brain and make the spirit present the most comfortable state, which is the best way to protect the soul. And different essential oils can be combined with each other to create your favorite fragrance, which will not destroy the characteristics of the essential oil, but make the essential oil more powerful.

If you are good at using essential oils and use them for a long time, essential oils are very helpful to the internal circulation of the skin and body. People who like essential oils have a deep understanding.

The Difference Between The Following Two Essential Oils:

Single Essential Oil

Extracted from a single species and a specific part of a plant, it has its own specific efficacy and chemical composition characteristics.

If it is the first time to come into contact with essential oils, or if you are not sure about the fragrance you like, it is recommended to use a single essential oil first, and familiarize yourself with the smell and use of various essential oils.

Blend Essential Oils

For the purpose of healing, it is an essential oil prepared by using two or more single essential oils and following a specific ratio. After the synergistic effect of compound essential oils—the interaction of several essential oils with each other, the overall effect will be multiplied. If only a single essential oil is used, the same effect cannot be achieved.


100% pure essential oil is not recommended to be used directly on the skin. Usually, the essential oil is added to the vegetable oil (base oil), mixed and diluted before use, so that the vegetable oil (base oil) with the appropriate proportion is also called “massage oil”.

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Essential oil skin care is worthy of praise in terms of functional maintenance such as whitening, moisturizing, and acne treatment, as well as relaxing and soothing spiritual recuperation.