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How To Choose The Right Mask For Your Face?

(OEM/ODM FACIAL SHEET MASK)Do you stock up on different types of face masks for yourself? Do not to blindly seek the effect of skin care. Knowing what skin type you’re and ingredients your skin needs and desired effects, to choose the right mask for your face.


Many people now will make some simple facial masks at home, such as, cucumber facial masks, lemon facial masks, albumen and honey facial masks, pearl powder facial masks, mung bean facial masks, etc. use to moisturizing, whitening and detox. But not everyone is suitable for homemade masks, especially some people who have skin treatment in clinics with sensitive horny skin. The skin is damaged and worn easily. Here are tips for make face at home:

(1) Safety: Homemade masks have the risk of contamination. For example, when making egg white masks, microorganisms in human eggs may be carried. If there is a wound on the skin, there may be a risk of infection.
(2) Preservation period: Since the raw materials of the mask are all natural ingredients without any preservatives, they can only be used immediately.
(3) Irritability: If you are worried that the mask will be allergic, it is best to test it on a small piece of skin before using it.
(4) Time to apply the mask: It is not advisable to apply the mask for too long at a time. For example, it is more appropriate to apply the cucumber mask for 10 minutes. If it is too long, it may cause the skin to lose water.


Niacinamide Light Mask FOR Dull Skin 

Niacinamide original liquid essence, penetrates layer by layer, better purifies the bottom of the skin, brightens the skin tone.

Hyaluronic Acid Water Sensation Mask FOR Dry Skin
Refreshing and hydrating, suitable for dehydrated and dull skin. When the season changes, or in autumn, the skin is prone to lack of water and dryness. Take one sheet, which contains three-dimensional composite hyaluronic acid, which can penetrate into the dermis layer and can quickly increase the moisture content of the skin! After used it, your face will feels soft and supple.

Amine Zinc Translucent Mask FOR Oily Skin
Oil control and acne suppression, suitable for large oil fields or acne-prone skin. PCA zinc can adjust the balance of skin water and oil, shrink pores and lighten acne marks. This mask can be used to soothe and astringe the skin.

Active Peptide Texture Mask FOR Wrinkle Skin
Firming and nourishing the skin, suitable for early-aged muscles and late-night muscles, the savior of staying up late.

QBEKA Active Peptide Plant Facial Silk Mask

Ceramide Moisturizing Mask FOR Acne-Prone Skin
Long-lasting hydration for dry or severely dehydrated skin.

Bisabolol Sensitive Mask FOR Sensitive Skin

Soothing and calming, suitable for sensitive skin and after sun care.

Will the thickness of the mask cloth affect the absorption of the mask liquid?

Thickness of the mask cloth has no effect on the absorption of the mask liquid. The material of the mask cloth mainly influences the sensory experience when we use it, and the thickness, material, and cut of the mask cloth will affect the fit and use of the mask to a certain extent.