The Knowledge To Select Hair Growth Serum You Didn’t Know

No matter what product we choose, safety is the first thing we should consider, and hair products are no exception. The abuse of chemical additives and other ingredients is very harmful to the human body, so we should be careful when choosing hair growth serum and recognize the ingredients.

Does hair growth serum really work? Which brand is safe, works, and has no side effects?

Following the law of hair growth, QBEKA makes hair grow scientifically.


Using targeted positioning technology to nourish hair, QBEKA activates hair follicles and enhances hair growth, making effect for about 15 days.

It follows the natural growth law of hair, with advanced science and technology for hair growth escort.


QBEKA adheres to the concept of “health and safety” hair growth.

QBEKA hair growth liquid integrates the gene growing technology with the essence of natural herbal plants, is rich in a variety of natural plant growing essence and nutritional conditioning ingredients, and does not add chemical catalyst in the extraction process, to maintain the natural purity of the original liquid, herbal mild and non-stimulation, safe ingredients, safe use.

QBEKA hair growth serum

15 kinds of rare natural plant extracts for scalp nourishment, including Polygonum multiflorum, Arborvitae, gentian, caffeine, various amino acids, and various scalp revitalizing ingredients

Hair Growth Serum Components Correspond To Functions

Arborvitae, Polygonum multiflorum, ginger root, ginseng root:

preventing hair from taking off


It will be more refreshing, the scalp will be a bit cool

Caffeine, nicotinamide:

stimulating hair growth


Fully nourishing the hair fiber and regenerating the hair scales.


Although many friends are very anxious, we should pay attention to not credulous exaggerated advertising, “three days stop off, seven days unripe hair” products are certainly not reliable; To assure the quality of the product and perfect after-sale, we should purchase the product by official channel.


Finally, to prevent hair loss, we should keep a good state of mind, do regular work, and pay attention to diet and rest. If hair loss occurs, we should pay attention in time and improve by QBEKA hair growth serum as soon as possible.


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