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The Methods to Test Skin Care Product



Squeeze it directly onto the PH test paper. It is better than PH is weak acid because our skin is a weak acid. Obviously, the weak acid cleanser is more moderate without stimulation. Tough the alkaline cleaning is powerful to clean but will damage skin’s natural protective layer, more suitable for oily skin.

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Makeup Remover

After shaking, see the bubble: a. little bubble indicates less nutrition; b. more than large bubble shows salicylic acid that the effect is better but easy to be an allergy; C. In addition, a lot of very small bubble and disappeared fastly indicates a lot of alcohol, do not long-term use; d. rich and thick bubble for a long time indicates good makeup remover.

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Pouring a little bit emulsion into the water. If floated on the water, it reflects oil stone ester contained which is not recommended. After shaking, the water becomes milky white, proving emulsifier in it, which is not good.

If poured into the water, the emulsion sinks to the bottom, proving that it does not contain oil stone ester, which is good. The oil stone ester will hurt kin, causing dry skin and more and larger pores.

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Put a little in the spoon, take the fire, until completely burned. Moreover, if there is black residue, it is a variety of additives. The more residue, the more additives, which is not good. Or put a cotton core in the spoon, fire it. If you can see black smoke, the product is not good.

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Take the appropriate amount into the water, and then observe the reaction. The good product is not sticky cup side, not floating, not sink at the bottom of the cup.