OEM Private Label Organic Skin Care Product Essential Oil

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OEM Private Label Organic Skin Care Product Essential Oil

We are cosmetics factory in Guangzhou, China. Then, we had been engaged in cosmetics International trade for over 7 years. So we have good service in shipping and delivery time with good quality products. Now we can offer our brand products for customers and also look for OEM customer. Moreover, we can make customer logo, label, design, package as your request.

Pralash+ Essential Oil 
Essential oils are a kind of serum which extracted from plants, flowers, leaves, stems, roots or fruit. In addition, there are many ways to extract the serum, such as steam distillation, solvent extraction, cold-.Don’t use the essential oil directly on skin before it is undiluted.The volatile or essential oil is very strong, once in contact with air it will be volatilized very quickly, Therefore,essential oil must be stored in sealed bottles, once opening the bottle, remember to cover the lid back as soon as possible.

CE, SGS, MSDS, ISO9001:2008, FDA

Product name Essential Oil
Volume 10ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, large bottle,barrel,in bulk,box,
all kinds of boxed sets,OEM processing.
Certifications CE, SGS, MSDS, ISO9001:2008, FDA
OEM/OBM service Available, and you can have your logo
MOQ 1000pieces
Samples We can offer sample
Payment details T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram, Bank Transfer
Shipment By EMS,DHL,TNT,other goods shipping way also welcomed.
Package Gross Weight per Unit:0.07kg

Gross Weight per Carton:12KG

Package Size per Unit:9.5*4*4(cm)

Package Measurement:29.5*32*40(cm)

Items per Carton:160bottles

Facial Essential Oil
Name Effective

Whitening Essential Oil

Firstly, can instantly dilute melanin

Then, remove dullness to whiten skin

Lastly, soften and smooth skin

Moisturizing Essential Oil Firstly, dDouble moist, moisturizing

Then, make skin smooth and tender


Anti-wrinkle Essential Oil

Firstly, make skin firm and rich

In addition, reduce wrinkles

Then, enhance elasticity

Face Lifting Essential Oil Firstly, shape face, tight skin

Then, postpone skin saggin, reduce fats


Dispel Redness Essential Oil

Calm your skin

Then, moisturize skin, minimize pores

Lastly, eliminate red blood, fever, and itchy skin

Detoxification and


Beauty Essential Oil


Tehn, Lock water capacity

Finally, increase lymphatic drainage, increase the resistance to skin defense capabilities.

Shrinking-pores Essential Oil Balance fat secretion, the contraction pore, rapid is pure. In addition, sometimes bright to pick the maintenance, the ruddy skin color standspresently.
Eye Triple Effects Essential Oil eliminate toxins. Moreover, effectively improve due to insufficient sleep, eye fatigue, mental anxiety caused by the Black, bags under the eyes, skin

compact eye

Rose Face Care Essential Oil Whiten and moisten, Dispel fatigue of eyes, baggy, black orbit. Then, reduce the wrinkle
Jasmine Releasing Essential oil moisturizing, spot-lighting, aphrodisiac, regulating emotion and increasing skin elasticity.
Chamomile Anti- Sensitive Essential Oil the product is particularly suitable for sensitive skin, the inflamed skin after solarization, repair micro vascular and dry skin.
Lavender Nighttime Essential Oil Balance fat secretion, repair scar, sunburn, fiery, burn. Moreover, promote cell metabolism and regeneration.

Solve sleep problem.

Hair Growth Essential Oil Stimulate the flow of blood, accelerate aging cell updated. Then, promote hair growth, remove the odor oil scalp.

Scar Repair Essential Oil


Can effectively improve scar, burn scar, pock, burn scars, stretch marks and other scars women. Moreover, promote rapid wound healing and smooth skin tissue
Body Essential Oil
Breast Enhance Essential Oil Strengthen the chest of the tissue strengthening support effect, strong chest, to prevent slack, prolapse, retraction, flexible and smooth and delicate skin.

weight loss essential oil

get rid of excess fluid, boost local metabolism, detoxification, make our body shapely and slim. In addition, won’t bounce back.
thymus adjustment detoxification essential oil Be efficacious for chest discomfort from women’s stress. Moreover, can prevent thymitis and breast cancer.


ovary care essential oil

Effectively balance hormones, eliminate emotional restless. Then, remove tension, dysphoria, and depression from endocrine before or after menses, climacteric, childbirth, whiten the skin and remove melanin, smooth wrinkles and protect health.

Menstrual adjustment essential oil

Ease omen menstrual cycle, irritability, sensitive, bulimia, absent-minded. Then, effectively relieve lumbar acid before Lunaria, be effective in dysmenorrhea and scanty menstruation, greatly improve weak and tired after Lunaria.

vagina-shrink essential oil


Improve effectively in vaginal relaxation after delivery, tones deposit in the private part. Then, sterilize and improve the amount of vaginal discharge.

strengthen kidney care essential oil

Improve lumbar acid and back pain, tinnitus, insomnia, nervous, decreased libido, impotence, female fertility. Then, can enhance your energy, nourish kidneys.
Body lymph Detoxification Essential oil Promote lymphokines, detoxification, and clean skin, eliminate dropsy. Then, relieve stress, improve constipation, enhance your memory, need to massage to your chin, neck and back.

dispel dampness essential oil

Firstly, clearing heat and detoxification, eliminate dampness and remove the heat of a fire. Then, excrete the exhaust gas, and get your blood flowing, improve constipation. be used for back scrapping.

Neck and shoulder adjustment essential oil


Moreover, massage the shoulder and cervical zygapophyseal aimed at periarthrities of shoulder caused by shoulder strain, cervical vertebra, nerve stiffness, to ease the pain and improve blood circulation.
Releasing and Decompressing Essential Oil Activate brain cells. Then, balance central nervous system, relieve fatigue and pressure and promote sleep.

Stomach  Adjustment Essential Oil

Firstly, relieve the syndrome of bloating, gastric acid and stomachache, improve constipation, diarrhea. Then, enhance your digestive system, prevent enteritis and intestinal parasite. Moreover, clean up body waste, increase the stomach muscle flexibility.

ANTI- Insomnia Essential Oil

Firstly, improve sleep difficulties, light sleep, half sleep, wake up early, woke up could not sleep. In additon, dreaminess, awakened by nightmares, feel tired and insensitive after sleep.
Joint Dispel Dampness Essential Oil Dispel the wind and pain, is used for rheumatism, loose physique.
Essential Oil Fragrance Type :
1. Florals Chamomile, rose, jasmine, geranium, lavender, neroli
2. Vanilla Basil, sage, origanum, rosemary, thyme, spearmint
3. Wood Eucalyptus, ypress, juniper berry, sandalwood, tea tree
4. Spices categories Fennel, nutmeg, black pepper, cinnamon, clove, ginger
5. Resin myrrh, frankincense, benzoin
6. The exotic patchouli, sandalwood, Yilan
7.Citrus grapefruit, lemon, orange, bergamot
Most Beneficial Ten Kinds Of Aroma To Human Body :
1. Grapefruit  Best repressed anger effect can restrain tensity
2. Jasmine  Firstly, can enhance the ability to cope with the complex situation. In addition, eliminate syndrome in mental and physical aspects
3. Orange  Firstly, the most popular white-collar product, orange flavor can
improve office workers ‘ work efficiency. Then,  eliminate tension and insecurity,  orange fragrance can also accelerate  the speed of eliminating depression thinking, enhancing the ability of urgent situation dealing
4. Tea Tree  Can sterilize,  treat skin inflammation, beriberi feet sweat and athlete’s foot.
5. Geranium  Firstly, plant odors can enhance people’s confidence and volition
Moreover, change the habit of irresolution and hesitant.ance.
6. Ginger  Firstly, intense ginger can strengthen the ability of emergency response. Moreover, eliminate fatigue, enhance perseverance.
7. Cinnamon  Firstlty, cinnamon psychedelic flavor makes people optimistic, feels free and happy. In addition, children and pregnant women are prohibited.
8. Lemon  fragrance can prevent people from psychological pressure which comes from the external environment and reduce worries.
9. Eucalyptus  Firstly, with slight spiritual upliftment effect, can relieve depression. Moreover, it can anti  cold anti virus
10. Lavender  Best product for insomnia patients. In addition, it can improve depression symptoms and hysteria, remove tension and calm down temper.
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Certification: CE, SGS, MSDS, ISO9001:2008, FDA
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