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Six Steps to Wash Your Face Correctly


Step 1: moderate water temperature  

The water temperature is very critical. It is wrong to use too hot or too cold water on the skin. The correct way is to use warm water so that the pores can be fully open and won’t make face loss water.

Step 2: make foam from facial cleanser

The facial cleanser is an essential tool to clean ace thoroughly. No matter what cleanser, the amount cannot be too much and the size of the coin is suitable. Before using it, squeeze in hands to make the bubble, and then apply on face, which is a really critical step. If the cleanser is not fully foam, it not only can’t achieve the effect of cleansing but also remains in the pores, easily leading to acne.

Step 3: gently massage face for 25 seconds

Apply foam on face directly, and then massage face circularly and gently with your fingers. Don’t force too much because it’s easy to cause wrinkles.

Step 4: Wash the cleanser

After massaging face, use warm water to clean. Don’t scrub with a towel rudely, which is not good for the skin because there might be some bacteria.

Step 5: Check the hairline

Then, you need to check hairline whether there is the residual facial cleanser that will lead acne.

Step 6: cold water for 20 seconds

Finally, wash face with cold water around 20 seconds, which will not only make the pores closed, but also speed up the blood circulation of the face.