Five things you need to know about Botox

1. Botox is not prevention

Botox is a drug and early preventive injections are not recommended

But Botox can be used as a skincare product to prevent fine lines


2. It is necessary to understand the background of the clinic and doctor you want to go to

A decent and caring doctor will ensure that you are consulted before any treatment and that you understand the intended effects and possible risks. Everything should be done in a clinical setting. And should offer you the opportunity to make a follow-up appointment two to three weeks after your treatment.

3. Less is more

You don’t want to ‘freeze’ your face”.

Muscle atrophy (certain muscles may be worn out) can occur when Botox is overdose—especially, when Botox is injected repeatedly to the point where you can’t move the muscle. Like any muscle you’re not using; those excess doses are wasted, which can cause your eyelids to droop because there’s no muscle to support them.


4. Know the real effects of Botox and don’t have unreasonable expectations

Botox can be a handy tool for reducing wrinkles and slowing the appearance of fine lines, but it’s not a miracle cure.

There are generally two types of wrinkles, dynamic and static. Static lines are visible when your face is still, but dynamic lines are more noticeable when you’re talking, smiling, or furrowing your face. The latter are easier to treat with Botox, and it works. However, the former may manifest as deeper wrinkles, which may require multiple Botox injections, or the additional use of fillers. We recommend using Botox-added skin care products for prevention in advance.

5.7-10 days effective

Sure, Botox works faster and more effectively than face creams, but it won’t work right away. After 3 to 4 days, you will notice slowing and restriction of movement in the injected area, and between days 7 and 10 the effects will become apparent.

As the original solution and cream with Botox, the effect is not as fast as the injection, but it is worse than safety. Before you have wrinkles, you can use it as a preventive measure. If you have wrinkles, if you are not trusting the injection, you can use it Use skin care products sparingly for relief.