We Are Professional Factory Providing Customized Services

We Are Professional Factory Providing Customized Services


  • OEM And ODM Services

We are a cosmetic & skincare manufacturer with twenty years of experience, providing multi-level customized services for different customer needs to meet your needs to create unique brands, excellent quality and innovative products.

  • Professional Manufacturing

We are a well-developed factory, with well-equipped and high-capacity facilities, our R&D team has gained a firm foothold in China with unique formulations, providing you from concept to finished product through our comprehensive one-stop service of any premium skin and beauty products.


  • Private Labeling

We manufacture private label products for salon chains, professionals, celebrities, beauty clinics and stores. If you only have a simple idea, our designers can put it on paper. You can also refer to our brand’s best-selling products,helping create your own products. .

  • Premium Exclusive Agency

In addition to providing customized services, we have also developed our own brand products. Various styles of cosmetics and skin care products with unique formulas are popular in various countries. Welcome to act as an agent for our products, I believe that we will be able to open up the local market for you.


  • Different Type Of Production Run

In general, the larger the batch, the better the discount. We are flexible, whether it is mass /medium production, we can figure out the most cost-effective & efficient way for you.

  • Quick Turn-Around Time

Don’t wait for your skin care products for months. Our high-performance machinery will do you a big favor.Factory produced, strict and stable delivery time can be guaranteed

  • Results Proven Active Ingredients

Our Ingredients are carefully selected from leading laboratories.All products are tested and produced by our experienced R&D team, and we also have strict control over the raw materials of the products

  • Cost Effective Prices

    You need to make profit and we work with low margins. You can directly own the source price of the product and control the budget from the source.

  • Stringent Quality Check

    The products produced by boss must be excellent products. We have been committed to providing customers with high-quality and high-end products to occupy the market, and we have strict quality control for each productto ensure zero mistakes in each link..


Guangzhou Boss Cosmetics Co., Ltd. have audited by the certification of FDA, ISO, GMPC,CE,,ROHS, MSDS,COA and some important certification.

Meeting the high standards of each country has always been something we have pursued.

Are you looking to manufacture your own skincare product?

Contact Boss Biological Techniques for help from formulation until final production manufacture.